About Our Organization


Our Vision
"We can bring a new dimension to your security program, increase the safety of your facilities and, ultimately, receive the feeling of greater security and satisfaction among your own employees and visitors. Listening to you the client, providing quality customer service, while building long term business partnerships.”
~Alan E. Carr, President

Our Mission
To listen and effectively respond to the needs of our clients and staff setting a new but old approach raising the standard for the contract security industry. Providing superior security customer service with integrity and professionalism to maintain long-lasting business relationships with our staff and clients.

Our Goals
Providing exceptional service by closely examining our past experiences, understanding industry best practices, and seeking continuous client feedback. As a result of these practices, we have found that there are four (4) points to providing exceptional service. Those points are:
1) Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction
2) Striving for continuous improvement using a documented Quality Control Plan
3) Having well trained officers and supervisors
4) Retaining great officers
But our greatest strength is and will always be, that we are fundamentally dedicated to reaching excellence for our clients and every employee.